The Night Stalker - A Legend (colored & shaded) by Bast_TW

The Night Stalker - A Legend (colored & shaded)


20 January 2017 at 12:51:13 MST

Art from Fox Knight Art on

sketch and linework by   TOKALUB

Colors and Shading by   XENOS

It has been a long night. The "hunters" leaving a bloody and burnt trail through my jungle. A village burnt, a spring fouled with poison, creatures of all sorts killed, maimed, burned, and left to suffer.

All to sate a demented bloodlust. A lust to prove their power, and deny the laws of this land.

These lands and laws are special, and they are protected.
In this place the wind whispers secrets. Every tree, rock, and animal speaks. Legends live, walk, and stalk, unseen, unless they choose to make themselves known.
They bask in the light of their fire, telling the stories of their crimes, wearing the blood of their victims, drunk on their "conquest" and their "power".

Their "hunt" is over. And so Is Mine.

On the Day of Madness, the jungle screamed, and awoke a legend believed long gone. Silence filled the jungles and all the peoples and beasts hid, not from the hunters, but from what the hunters had awakened. As night came, the stars did not look down upon this night, and even the moon hid her face from what was to come. No sound was heard that night, save for the howls and screams of the forsaken who broke the laws of this place.
On the morning, their camp lay in ruins, and a new trail led out of it.

That same morning, in the walled village of the K'ell, three days run from the jungle, an alarm was sounded. In the center of their village, outside the Chieftan's home, lay the torn, and battered remains of their village's young hunters. On the wall of the chieftan's home, written in blood, only two symbols. The dark moon with three tears of blood, the symbol of those who have been forsaken for breaking the great laws, and next to it the Sun Claw, the ancient symbol of the watcher and guardian of the great wild.

No wall sentry, guard, or tribesman saw or heard anything when the remains were left, the wall was unbroken. Though outside the wall a new trail led out of sight and directly to the camp of the forsaken in the far off jungle.
The only other signs to be found was a single massive lion's pawprint left in the dirt of the camp, by their fire pit, undisturbed by wind or animal, and another single print in the stone outside the chieftans home, the stone itself cracked and broken around the massive foot print.

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