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Hey! How's it goin? I'm Bastian, 23 year old river otter living in Georgia!

I graduated a while ago University of Georgia as a Printmaking Major!!
However, I am quite fond of working with ceramics! I'm hoping to some day
go to grad school to further study it. In the mean time though, I am currently
working at a ceramics studio, and a screen-printing shop to support myself,
while working towards building my portfolio!

Oh, aaaaaaaaaannd I tend to draw a lot of furry porn!

Anyways, If you've found my page, through whatever means, I really appreciate your visit,
And if you like my art and add me to your watch, the even more so. I don't go around and
thank for every one, but it always makes me happy to see that I have a few new watches
here and there!

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Hey guys! So I've got some super important news! I'm going to be changing to a new username!

Don't worry, I'm still going to be active and taking commissions, through both usernames until I've got my popularity up on my new account, and I wont be removing anything from this gallery. In fact only new art is going to be posted under my new username!

Which btw, is HIGSBY!

I'm still working on redesigning my image and all that, but I figured I should go ahead and get people to follow me over there.

So I repeat, as I make this transition, I'll be cross posting journals and info about commissions as well as a few reminders and watermarked new art to drag all you stragglers to my new account.

Also any future art will be posted to my new account, including all commissions and personal art. Only previews will be posted here from now on :D

So why a new name you ask? Or perhaps thought? Well. I've been thinking about it for a looooong time. Bastian was a name I created way back in high school, that held a much different meaning for me then than it does now. Particularly now. And along with this change I am also changing my fursona, aptly named Higsby who is a deer. He's a character I created a while ago, and I sort of feel in love with it more than my otter. (It's gotta be those antlers and hooves... and tail... and fluff) :D

More or less, it felt like things were becoming stagnant and stale, and I just needed to make a complete overhaul, and a fresh start! That being said, I look forward to seeing you all follow me over to my new account and have a kick ass fresh start!

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    BastianWolf! <3

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    I finally thought to check for your username. This is very satisfying to see you here.

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    Watch Anime Online for free at

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    Your art is awesome! :3

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    Lovely art :)

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    Gotcha! *stuffs you in pokeball, which makes no sense cause she knows crap about pokemon* OH WELL!

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    sorry that was meant for a pic, anyways hello on Weasly

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