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Siegfried the Liberator by bassclarineko

Siegfried the Liberator


But you guys knew him as "Charley"

Remember this/:\#cid:64254509

Now I can tell you all about him:

Charley (Siegfried) has been a fugitive from the Animal Kingdom for a decade because he tried to assasinate King Lionel during his coronation. Before then, he staged an uprising against King Lionel when they enforced segregation laws against striped and spotted animals. For every time he was caught, he escaped.

Siegfried used the alias "Charley" to start a new life in forest, since the King was not going to look for him there.

In the forest, Siegfried created an army to protect the refugees in the forest from other invaders, since there is no government or laws in the forest.

However, Siegfried vowed to go back and kill King Lionel and any albino that got in his way. His brazen and short-tempered nature are what make Siegfried a force to be reckoned with. (And yes that is a machete he is carrying in his belt)

Alice meets Siegfried when Alice, Friday and Braham are discovered in the forest for trespassing and are mistakably arrested by Siegfried's soldiers. Of course, the issue dissipates and the two quickly become allies.

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