75m - untitled #5 (live at the grand, 5 oct 2012) by bass

75m - untitled #5 (live at the grand, 5 oct 2012)

75m - untitled #5 (live at the grand, 5 oct 2012)


7 October 2012 at 22:15:35 MDT

aka "première excurision"

javelin and raleigh moncrief came to my town last week, and i had the honour of opening for them!

it was also my first time performing in any sort of legitimate venue (i'm used to playing coffee shops and open mics and stuff like that) so i wasn't quite sure how to present myself and stuff, and there were a couple hiccups in the performance (you can hear my drums get all janky in this recording, as a matter of fact, and at one point i forget to arm my vocal mic) but everyone seemed to like it anyway.

there weren't a whole lot of people there, but that wasn't too surprising; i was only opening, it was cold, the venue was a 10 minute walk away from both college campuses in town... but surprisingly enough most of the people there specifically wanted to see me, so that was kinda flattering.

this is still a little bit of a wip, but i thought it sounded nice enough to pull out.

check out the video of this performance here!


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