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BASK / 33 / Bloke / The shire of Derby

I fookin' love pampas grass!!
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Kaloo Kallay let's do a play, with cabbages and kings! Or something along those lines anyway.

So, I'm Bask, a Utonagan adventurer of the high seas. And the not so high seas. I just like to float around, chase bumble bees, laugh at a variety of vegetables, and above all, I fookin love pampas grass (and buttons, they're also quite amusing) :D

insert large quantities of joy

If you take your telescopes and look towards exhibit "F and a half" you will see I'm a furry artist. I do a draw of clean, mature, and naughty bastard art. If you like my style, please get on the gazonker and shout me a message ^_^ Also, you can follow my more up to date gallery over on FA, and for general silly updates about life/ art you can waft over to Twatter and facebook.

until then, have fun building dens, having a gander at me gallery, but most of all, watch out for Mylie Syrus and her stink hoe britches!!

Much and many fluffily hugs dances massively :D x x x


Joined 4 January 2014

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    Do you plan to put all future pics on Weasyl along with FA? I'm trying to focus on just Weasyl if possible.

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      Hey hey, Yeah I'll be posting all my future uploads on here too, But they'll be posted on FA first ^^ Weasyl's just a secondary account dances all over the place x

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    Have a follow :3 I like your art and from reading your profile info and art description you seem like a very friendly and happy fellow ^_^
    horse hugs :3

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      Hehe, thanks very much ^^ Yeah I'm a happy chappy wuffle super hugs :3 I've got more of my art over on FA, it's a bit more up to date on there dances :D x

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        I'm not on FA, though. But I'll gladly enjoy the art you have here! ^_^