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Ne'Aht and Batiatus


27 April 2014 at 19:32:21 MDT

According to myths in the Temple of Six, Batiatus is the lover of the god of death, Ne'Aht. Killed by the god's powerful voice, Ne'Aht revived Batiatus as the first Graveborn and kept him at his side. Many cultures in Mira consider Batiatus to be something of a demigod.

However, many cultures also balk at the horrible way Ne'Aht and Batiatus are shown in art: Ne'Aht decked in armor and partially flayed, and Batiatus as a dark and frightening man with glowing eyes and razor claws. Instead, some sects of the Temple take creative license, giving the two symbolic representations in art.

Most famous is the Greilic variant. As obsessed with beauty as they are devout, the Greils fashioned Ne'Aht in the image of a great beast who lurks the shadows, with a third eye that he can use to peer into a person's soul in order to judge them. Batiatus, instead of a great warrior or frightening ghoul, is seen as a beautiful bird of rainbow colors, a being of such beauty that it leaves little doubt as to why a god would love him.

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