Inktober 2020 #29-31 by BartTheSock

Inktober 2020 #29-31


1 November 2020 at 17:08:47 MST

This one goes out with a bang (kind of), as I only traced the first picture. The other three I drew from memory (while looking at references for two of them just to make sure).

It's a bit late, but whatever.

  1. Shoes - Only one shoe is shown, but you get the idea. Mario is using the Goomba's Shoe to stomp an otherwise unstompable Spiny. The artwork used was for Super Mario Bros. 3.
  2. Ominous - Gengar, following Bulbasaur. I think any Ghost (or Dark) type Pokémon following you would be pretty ominous, but Gengar is more so since he's strong. I drew this one from memory, so Gengar looks a bit off. I don't know why exactly, though.
  3. Crawl - Weedle, crawling along. His body might be a bit too long to be accurate, but the point is he's crawling.

Okay, so for anything else I do for Inktober, I'm just going to draw them on real paper with real pencils and markers (pencils as a guide in case I have to erase a part or something), because while digital things are cool, you could just as easily do paper and pen(cil) if you don't intend to color it. That's just me.

Plus, I already did Inktober 2019 for Drawing 2 class, and I think they were pretty awesome. I'll post pictures of those over the course of this month, along with Brandon's Life.

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