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Inktober 2020 #9-12 by BartTheSock

Inktober 2020 #9-12


12 October 2020 at 13:18:41 MDT

Thankfully for this batch of Inktober drawings, I wasn't feeling lazy, so you guys get drawings that I didn't have to trace over. Yay!

  1. Throw - Just a picture of Poppy Bros. Jr. throwing a bomb. I could have done a picture of Rolling Turtle or Phan Phan, who give the Throw Copy Ability, but that might not have been as obvious.
  2. Hope - I couldn't really think of anything good, so I just did a symbol of what I figure is hope from Kirby's Dream Land 3: the Love-Love Stick.
  3. Disgusting - I always thought Piranha Plorp was kind of disgusting since it barfs up poison and looks a bit like a human heart, so this one was perfect. It was either that or draw something actually disgusting and risk having to label this as "Mature" or something. I just hope that drawing something that looks like barf is okay if it's cartoony and is more like a blob of poison than actual vomit.
  4. Slippery - I was originally going to have Mario slip over the banana peel when he was in a kart, like in Mario Kart, but I'm not very good at drawing vehicles that don't look like boxes with wheels.

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