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Stolen From Some Great Writer [Winter Meta 2022] by Bartan

Stolen From Some Great Writer [Winter Meta 2022]


...Don't worry, it's not what you think ["a vent piece"]. Keep in mind that I use tone for titles, not lyrics- though the lyrics do actually kind of fit here too. But don't judge just from the title alone~

Phew... Winter Meta #9. Hard to believe its been this long, but it honestly kinda feels like it. I was honestly having a difficult time to think of what to write at first, not a lot going on in this fluffy head this year. But its been mostly a good one, save for a few... 'Bumps', lets call it.

Now, most of this is SFW. There is Some 'talk' about NSFW stuff, but nothing explicitly written/detailed. We're adults here, we should be able to talk about this stuff <<; If you don't like it, that's okay. It doesn't linger or overstay its welcome.

The next thing I did this year was actually add a dozen guests within this novel. Due to the nature of it and the time constrictions, I knew I wasn't going to go into great detail/have a conversation with each one of them (as much as I'd kinda like to). These would be (In NO specific order):

Jinx - Big black latex dragon
BLK & Alan - Big brown dragon and red kobold
Bunsen - Large navy dragon, red underside and golden trim
Jack & Serenity - Purple eastern dragon (Magician) and a fennec fox that's unusually... "large" in some places >>;;
Golden Spectra - Platinum Dragonborn
Theo - Otter (male)
Alma - 'Wolpertinger' [large 10ft bunny with wings and saberteeth]
Red - Red anthro dragoness
Yoder - Large polar bear (two ears instead of four. Because geez, there's at least 3 running around in this)
Tune - Amethyst western dragon
Draft - Purple gryphon and deer
Mr. Cross (Vearin & Stitches) - Fluffy (wingless) drakes; one white and another a dark green
Donut - Orange cat & Orange fennec fox w/teal stripes
Erta Wanderer - Anthro Sunglow Boa
Andrewthefoxdemon - Orange Fox with Blonde Hair

And I thiiiiiink that's it? If I missed you, forgive me. This was quite the list <<;; Anyone not on this list within the story is my own, and likely from another set of stories/novels in general. To save me writing another list, if one somehow interests you feel free to tell me. I'll let you know where you can find them.

Regardless, thank you very kindly to those who participated. It really means a lot, and I know that these were quite short interactions/mentions, but... I can only do so much ^^; Still, I hope you enjoy the story, and have a wonderful holiday everyone.

Merry Xmas from your bear,
~Bartan <3

Stolen From Some Great Writer © Spitalfield

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