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Afterlife (Novel Card) by Bartan

Afterlife (Novel Card)


You can find the novel on:
FurAffinity (rtf file) -
SoFurry (No download required, some formatting) -
Weasyl (pdf download, best read) -
Inkbunny (rtf file + some story, little formatting) -

"What did I just click on?"
This is a "Novel Card", something I'm trying out to promote my older works. Think of it as a flyer or a reminder that this story exists in the mass flood that is content. This one is for:

Afterlife - This was actually the second novel I ever started, and it's still unfinished. I made it a thing to kinda do one act every 2 years or so, mostly due to how little people seemed to care about it. Buuuut the "two year" plan thing ran into a hitch wheeeeeeeen 2020 rolled around...
I was working on it in 2019, but after my mother's death, forcing me to move, the pandemic, BLM- yeah. I felt like "Okay, I cannot release act 4 this year." Afterlife isn't super related to BLM, but there are... Certain connections.

Regardless, this is the most... "Normal" novel I've ever done. That might be why I don't see it as fondly/find it kiiiind of boring. Especially the downtimes that don't focus on Gorret or a non-human character. (If you're new here; Hi. I'm Bartan. I'm a misanthrope. I'm sorry. It's just how I am.) If you take out the shadow creatures, it's almost like any other story/tv series around.

However, I should emphasis that Afterlife is still unfinished. I'm trying to wrap things up by next year, but I make no promises as to what is going to happen. Either way, you still have four acts to enjoy of it, and I felt like that was enough to at least start promoting the novel.

Anyway, you'll probably like this novel if you enjoy:
+Modern Human City Setting
+Humans in general... Doing human things
+Invasive Shadow Creatures
+Violence and Gore
+Some Humor
+Charr (COMPLETELY out of left field, I know! But he appears in act 2)
+No Sex/No-Yiff stories

If you're interested, go at it. Bookmark it for later, download it, whatever. I just hope you enjoy this

Human Bull Aatxe Gorret Shadow Creature Monster Beast Murder Modern City Humor Danger Vigilante Hero Charr Drama Discrimination Cancer

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