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Bartan's Vocabulary
...Because We Swear This Bear Is From Another Planet Sometimes.

-Dragon = A rather broad term for a species, really. But I usually go with something more on the scaly side. However, there are many different body shapes that dragons can take.
--Wyrm/Western = Classic Hexeped: Four legs, two wings, tail. These would be the standard "European" dragons that one would think of, and the "True Dragons" in the Dungeons & Dragons series.
--Drake = I often use this term to describe a dragon that is wingless. Usually on four legs, and often large in build. Still has the tail, possibly horns, and well armored. A good example of this is Bryce from Angels with Scaly Wings.
--Wyvern = I think everyone knows what this one is by now, but just in case. I playfully refer to these as "Chicken Dragons", nothing to do with the symbolism of Cowardace, but just the structure and shape. Large wings, long neck, hind legs and lacking the fore-pair that Wyrms tend to have. Their "arms" are their wings, much like a chicken or a bird.
--Noodle/Eastern = Again, rather obvious, but "Chinese Dragons". I can call these Serpents or Vipers sometimes, but they're just alternate words to describe their slender structure. They still have four legs, often have luxurous manes and long flexible whiskers on their snouts.

-Theropod = The term for a Raptor or T-Rex body shape.
-Counterweight = An architect of a universe and a designer of Space & Time. These differ in appearance wildly, but they're known to be rather "over the top" looking. Multiple sets of limbs, tails, heads, strangely colored coats and manes. These are often common traits of Counterweights. Honestly, the most used one in my stories (CW Bartan) is rather plain looking in comparison.
-Cryomithorous (Cryo) = Very close to the idea of a Kaiju or "Giant Monster", the Cryo is a weapon that some planets have. It's mostly used to whipe out all life on the world's surface so the planet can 'restart' when threatened. These creatures are notorious for being immune to energy based attacks, and very difficult to completely kill. Though they can vairy wildly in appearance, they often tend to look like... Well, a Behemoth from Final Fantasy X (or 10). That was the model I had in mind when creating these.
-Terrasque = Phew... Okay. These things are like living batteries that universes are often built around. They consume negative energy (usually from emotions, loss, tragedy, etc) that the planets within a universe produce, in exchange for giving said universes power. Time, Gravity, Motion, these don't function from nothing at all and the Terrasque is the one that often seen as the "powerplant" for such an energy source. However, this in turn drives the thing into madness, becoming very violent and grows rapidly. It's difficult to really tell what these creatures look like due to them being so massive, but to put it into perspective, I'll use a description I've written several times through my stories: A Counterweight at it's normal size cannot fit inside of a universe it has created, and a Terrasque can swallow one whole. Easily.

-Snout Tossing = I've heard people taking this phrase literally before, but it's the equalivent expression of someone rolling their eyes. The statement comes from the motion of when something with a longer snout (like a dragon) circling it upwards into the air ("tossing") in the same way you would roll your eyes.

-Snorting = A verbal statement or reaction adding onto one's sentence. It's the same idea of a human's "Humph!" the same way; to express scorn or dissatisfaction. Often a response towards disrespect at the creature as well.

-Presenting = When a creature lifts their tail up towards another, they are "presenting" themselves. Often suggesting sex, but sometimes it is accidental.

-Neck Curling = When a creature pulls their head back, often in a response towards insult or confusion. When longer necked creatures do it, their necks almost look like an S when viewing from the side.

-Grumble = A vocal tone to express some aggression, not a lot. Just enough to know that you're irritating them slightly.

-Growl = A vocal tone/action to express a moderate amount of aggression. You're getting on their nerves.

-Hiss = A vocal tone/action to express a high amount of aggression. You're pissing them off. It's important to note that though "hiss" doesn't sound very intimidating on it's own (like a snake's hiss or a smaller feline's), when dragons or other creatures do this, it definitely sounds a lot more threatening.

-Roar = A vocal tone/action to express a very high amount of aggression. Now you've made them angry. Very Angry. This often comes with, if not threads away from, violence.

-Purr = A vocal tone/action/instinct that expresses pleasure. For the larger of creatures, this is quite loud and bassy. Like... Rocks in a rolling barrel. It also causes their necks to vibrate quite a bit.

-Scale Clicking = This is how dragons/scaled creatures "Shiver". Much like how the hair in the back of your neck raises and falls when you experience such a thing. This can either be on certain parts of their body, or even down the entire thing. But it usually originates around the back of their head and flows down in a wave.

-Rake = When one (usually Feral) attacks or scrapes with hind claws. Be it on purpose to defend themselves, or instinct when they're just digging them into the dirt.

-Weapon = Refers to a male's sexual equipment. I do use many different words here, but they're all the same thing. Others include: Lower Horn, Length, (Mating) Tool, Tower, and likely others.

-Discs = A person's eyes. Specifically the Iris. This is often followed by a color, indicating who it belonged to. The reason why I do this? Repeating the person's name over and over again makes me sound like I have Mad Cow Disease.

-Walls = This is referring to the... Well, "walls" to either someone's insides (be it vaginal or anal). However, this could also be used in some inflation pieces, "Walls" being their main skin, scales, or "shell" of sorts.



2 December 2019 at 09:46:15 MST

This is a list of terms/species I often use in my stories... Ifff that wasn't painfully clear. I know of a few people who didn't quite understand certain terms (like what a Theropod was) or taking some of them literally (like Snout Tossing). I hope this little bit clears those things up.

Is there any I've missed? Any that you want me to add? There's a comment section for a reason

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    Bartan, this is a wonderful piece you have. Very nice explanations and helpful to those in writing fan stories or original literature on dragons. The ones I didn't know were "Snout Tossing", "Discs" and "Terrasque". My question is, and I still don't get what a Counterweight looks like but, what do they look like to be exact? never heard of a species named "Counterweight".

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      Counterweights are very different from each other, but it's almost easy to identify one (in their normal form, they can shapeshift) because of how "over-the-top" they look.
      Though they aren't one, specifically, I have seen several character forms that could pass as one. This is a great example: https://www.furaffinity.net/view/546980/
      -Over-the-top design, but have an elegant "God-like" look to them
      -Multiple limbs/horns/tails
      -Wings (even though feathered wings wouldn't likely lift such a creature that size)
      -Massive muscle build (though this isn't for every CW)
      Things like this are almost their "tell". But like I mentioned earlier in the document, when they are in this form... They're so damn large that they have a difficult time interacting with anything. They can reduce their size and their entire shape to make such things easier, but it is a little dangerous (I won't get into why here)

      It's almost the same for a Terrasque, but the big difference is that a Terrasque is so damn large and it has a very difficult time to reflect light that you can't really see it.