The Art Of Breaking by Bartan

The Art Of Breaking


14 May 2019 at 12:16:53 MDT

This is a trade that has been a loooooong time in the making. Mostly my fault, being so busy and actually forgetting about it for several months >>; Every once in a while, Swaggercringe here ( would post up a YCH to put into one of his stories: Vedaki's Guide to Dragons (

Now, I don't say it very often, but RNG haaaaaaates me. So after the... Third time (?) of losing out, I ended up asking him if instead he wanted to do a trade. I'd write out the actual encounter with one of my dragons, and he would write a 'hidden entry' for funsies. Enter: The Art Of Breaking, a mini story of a character some of you might know of by now: Thea'daisis.

I'll let you jump right into it, but do know that this is a clean story. No sex, no fetishes. His series will likely remain that way as well. I still say give this a shot, and even give Swagger some love as well. He deserves it!

The Art Of Breaking © Thousand Foot Krutch
Vedaki, Ammir, and the world this takes place in © Swaggercringe
You can find his entry here:

Thea'daisis © Bartan/Dexdor/me?
Curious about him? Let alone the mysterious voice in the 'memories'? You can find his main story within my gallery: Anthem Of The Lonely.

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