Gotta Be Somebody by Bartan

Gotta Be Somebody


31 March 2019 at 17:52:53 MDT

...Yes, I'm serious. "Vore". You read the thumbnail/tags correctly.

If you possibly remember the last time I released a piece on the 1st of April; I don't like "National Be A Dick Day." I don't enjoy being a dick to people, I don't enjoy being a dick to. But I did want to do something... 'Out of Character', for a little bit of a laugh. Yet, also to perhaps change this flum forsaken "Holiday" from being all about pranks or making people irritated, to perhaps just doing something so unexpected from yourself.

Now, don't get this wrong: this piece IS a full on Vore-Based story. Brand new characters, so you don't need to know anything before starting. You don't even to have needed to read any of my other works to enjoy this. I've had a lot of people over the years wanting me to try one for quite some time, and... Even though I did kiiiinda do parts of it here and there, they were buried in walls of text and were barely a paragraph or two long. Not quite doing such a thing justice.

This piece should change that. And no, it's not just 'one small scene with a little bit of vore in it', there's more to it than just this one tiny clip of it. However, I had to do it in my own... Little way, so to speak. So you'll have to deal with characters and development and jazz. Granted, you will be rewarded... I hope.

Now, this is a completely raw attempt at such a thing. I did gather some intel on the subject of Vore over the years, but this piece had no assistance or any help/opinions/etc of others involved. This is purely my own attempt and I... Honestly cannot tell you if it's any good. I'm not into vore, I don't know what the overall appeal is. But I tried, so... Yeah. Try to enjoy this if you do like it, tell me how I did.

Keep in mind that this is also a 'Clean' story as well (no sex, no hard vore), and do note that I am Not going to be doing this regularly. If ever again. I don't completely hate vore, but I don't like it and didn't really enjoy writing this as you possibly might think. So I want NO Requests to do more of this jazz or even offers to do Commissions. This is all you get from me, enjoy it.

Gotta Be Somebody © Nickleback

Note #1: This is serious. Really. A full on story. No pranks. No Fake Outs. No silliness. No meta humor of any kind. I gave this piece an honest shot.

Note #2: I mean it: It's a real piece. I'm not testing you or your trust. If it isn't a story, by all means: call me out in the comments to warn the others. It's easy to let your guard down here, but if you're interested... It's only a click and a read away.