Over My Head by Bartan

Over My Head


29 December 2018 at 14:36:22 MST

Ooof... This has been a rough couple of weeks for this piece. It was fun at first, planning and evening getting Jinx to join in this one. Making silly spinners and getting the different setups for each character in this little competition. But when it came to the writing of it... I'm going to be honest here: I feel like I'm losing my touch. Halfway through this, I lost all will to do anything inflation based. I didn't want to even think or consider other pieces, and my libido was lower than it's ever been. I can't say it's corrected, but...

Thing is, when it's that low, anything I attempt to write basically becomes garbage. I still feel like there's a little of that in one of these scenes, but I'm just... Tired of it. So this might be the last of the inflation stuff for a while. I've got a couple of other pieces planned, then I'm... I'm honestly not sure passed that. Writing from me might become more and more scarce.

But enough of the depressing stuff. Here's what to expect in this piece:

Inflation - As expected. With soft popping (no death/harm besides a little sting).

Competition - I rarely do this because it's just not... Fun, in my perspective. As someone who hates (not Detests. Hates.) PvP content, competitions just stress me out. This is honestly just very laid back and friendly, but regardless, it's still got some of the elements of one.

Bondage - Not specifically tied down to the ground or anything, but you'll see.

Random Factors - I mentioned a spinner before, think of this as more of a party game. Read it and you'll understand what I mean.

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