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Fangerus - The Bodybuilder Wolf 1 by BaronFangerus

Fangerus - The Bodybuilder Wolf 1


Today I start posting the drawings I made in the last few months and many of them I made as gifts for my beloved bro rontaro and most of these drawings are BARA-MUSCLE GAY ART, so if you love muscles and men you will be very welcome to worship these testosterone gods!
As eleventh drawing I want to introduce everyone to my first OC or maybe first OC attempt, please welcome Fangerus, the bodybuilder wolf!

This art is also dedicated to my bro rontaro as part of a wish I shared with him during some conversations in which I always dreamed of a gigantic bodybuilder wolf who always came to hug and kiss me in my dreams, and since the first times he appeared in my mind I always wanted to draw it or at least give it a physical shape since I love BARA/FURRY GAY ART but I never had enough skill to be able to draw something so complex.
After a while after drawing male anatomy countless times I decided to try to draw it as best I could, besides using some arts as a reference like Echin's arts.

I was very happy to finally be able to draw something so complex after so many years and I confess that when I finished it I felt a huge joy.
For now, I haven't thought of a biography for him as I usually only have spicy dreams about him and I'm also on my first drawings of him, I still want to think about more physical characteristics for him as I still need to give more maturity for the idea.

If you liked this drawing, feel free to comment or favorite, your opinion is always welcome!

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