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Rontaro Bultor Bravo - The Coach by BaronFangerus

Rontaro Bultor Bravo - The Coach


Today I start posting the drawings I made in the last few months and many of them I made as gifts for my beloved bro rontaro and most of these drawings are BARA-MUSCLE GAY ART, so if you love muscles and men you will be very welcome to worship these testosterone gods!
Here is the ninth drawing I made recently for my beloved bro and it's another drawing of Rontaro Bultor Bravo character from the Dreams In Silence universe created by my bro rontaro.

This time I wanted to draw Rontaro Bultor in a different way as in previous times I always drew him as a half-naked bodybuilder and to differentiate a little I chose to draw him posing as a true bodybuilding coach proud of his professional career and his giant muscles!

And as you already know, I'm not a professional in male anatomy and everything I do is based on art or reference images for my drawing work. I used as reference a drawing of a random Furry Muscle Bull which unfortunately I don't know the name of the artist who originally drew it.
I drew basically the same pose, but I just applied my personal touch to make him more like Rontaro Bultor and the added changes were: Body hair on arms and chest, unkempt hair, scar on the right eye and a nose ring.

I hope I haven't offended the artist who made this original drawing because I don't know who is the original artist, and if know its name please add in the comments and share with me the link of its social media to give the properly credits for the original art that I used as model for this one! And if he/she wishes I will remove the drawing from my gallery.

Here is the link to the original art below:
Furry Muscle Bull 2:

If you liked this drawing, feel free to comment or favorite, your opinion is always welcome!