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Bodybuilding - Anatomy Practice 8 by BaronFangerus

Bodybuilding - Anatomy Practice 8


16 April 2020 at 13:54:20 MDT

In conclusion this is my last drawing related to bodybuilding. This was also a pose that I found very complicated and difficult due to the angle of the arms and the tension placed on the muscles, in addition to having to deal with light and shadow controls to give density and height.

I was not able to reach 50% of the goal I set, you can see that the character has a completely crooked and very disproportionate torso in the area that includes the chest and the arches that form the arms are asymmetrical. Soon, I will be back to do some more drawing practices related to bodybuilding, for now I will draw some anime characters and games since I miss drawing things like that.

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