Orc 1 by BaronFangerus

Orc 1


5 January 2020 at 08:48:48 MST

Following the posting of my most recent drawings, it's time to leave the world of Onis and go to the world of Orcs, so today I want to start and end the orcs I drew recently.
All the orcs drawings that I made are a mixture of the arts I used as a reference for the drawings with some things I decided to add to at least slightly differentiate from the original art.

Please, don't hurt me in the comments! I already said I'm not a professional artist, I can only draw what I see; I am not a man of creative mind or endowed with superpowers.

The first orc I made is based on the illustration I saw from the artist Elena Voevodina. The drawing follows the same principles of the original art just like size of the face, beard, eyes, mouth and teeth shape.
The differences that I decided to add are the following points:
1 - Mohawk hair or similar, I thought it would be interesting to add a different or more tribal hair to him;
2 - Removal of scars from the face, I don't like very much characters with many scars or tattoos on the face;
3 - Removal of the lip piercing;
4 - Adding a vein to the head to give the impression that he is very muscular or seems angry with someone or something.

The link of the original art is here: https://eleni_wat.artstation.com/projects/qPBNR

I hope you can like it, and if you liked, feel free to favorite or comment; your feedback is always welcome!

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