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Jet Black - Cowboy Bebop


11 October 2019 at 08:25:58 MDT

I finally closed my Digimon adventure for now, and now I'm heading into the manly universe of the most irresistible anime and manga men that I enjoy.
To start the list of men who have won my heart, here is the first of them, Jet Black from the 1998 anime/manga Cowboy Bebop released by Sunrise Studios.

Jet Black is one of my favorite types of men, as he has a bulky and big beard, bald head, investigative and mature look, and a perfect MACHO DADDY personality that always drives me crazy!
Jet Black is by far my favorite character because he is not only the captain of the Bebop spacecraft, but he is also the man who has a duty to be the brains and rational voice of the group, as well as being almost the father of everyone. He cares deeply for his partners, tends to help them constantly even if they don't ask for help.

Cowboy Bebop was an anime that I met recently, but I fell in love with the atmosphere of the narrative that uses the most diverse artifices of cinema and music to build a plot that mixes horror, adventure, romance, sci-fi and more in one production...
There are few artistic productions around the world that can reconcile so many literary genres within the same production.

I had a lot of fun drawing Jet Black and hope to be able to repeat the dose in the future.

More info about Jet Black below:
"Jet Black (ジェット・ブラック Jetto Burakku) is an officer of the ISSP and later bounty hunter. He partnered with Fad until losing his arm in the mid-2060s. He then captained the Bebop and led a bounty-hunting crew including Spike Spiegel, Faye Valentine, and Edward.

Jet possesses a tall, broad and muscular appearance. He is balding and only the sides and back of his head have hair. His sideburns continue down his cheeks to form a beard, giving him a slight resemblance to Daisuke Jigen just like Spike's tall, lanky body gives him a slight resemblance to Lupin III and Vicious' wild, untamed hair and love for wielding the Katana resembles Goemon Ishikawa. His left arm is a synthetic, robotic limb that seems to heighten his strength. His original limb was lost when he was ambushed by a syndicate assassin and his crooked cop partner. The metallic piece under his right eye has no known purpose, but it is not likely a cosmetic choice.

He wears a flight suit most of the time but has been known to dress up for trips to a nightclub or casino. The scar on his face may imply that he has been in some fights as a cop and bounty hunter. The scar is directly over his eye, but the eye itself is apparently unharmed.

Jet, as the senior member of the Bebop, is presented as mature, wise, and austere. He often gives wise advice to his companions and always shows great patience for their over the top attitudes. In particular, he is very patient with Spike, although the excessive exuberance of Spike while chasing after bounties often prevent them from collecting the total reward due to refunds caused by damage. Although everyone on the Bebop considers him kind of a father figure, a situation proved by his occasional scolding for some of his companions' attitudes and him being the ship's cook, Jet proves to be considerably offended by this association as it makes him look older than he actually is.

Although he may look gruff and sometimes has rude attitudes, Jet is basically a good-hearted, caring, and thoughtful man who, while hiding his feelings, has a great affection for his own companions and thinks of them the same way of a family. Undoubtedly the most reliable member of the crew, Jet proves to be very apprehensive, proud, and capable of great fidelity. For some of his attitudes, he could be considered a control freak, but it is not intentional, and all the other characters recognize his choices as the most right.

Jet has a great passion for bonsai and cooking (although his dishes are harshly criticized by his companions), adores jazz and blues music (Bebop, the given name of his starship, is a type of jazz) particularly the songs of Charlie Parker, and also highly appreciates the works of Goethe. As captain of the Bebop, he is very fond of his ship and greatly worries about the damage it could receive in firefights.

Jet shares a particularly paternal relationship with Ed and for most of the series is the only member of the crew to take care of Ein. He dislikes Faye, whom he treats more like a burden than as a partner, but the relationship between them changes in the course of the series, coming to be a reluctant friendship. Differently from Spike, who behaves lazily and indifferently, Jet is always shown as busy and maintaining the Bebop and finding work. Despite the many differences in character and ideology, Jet and Spike share a genuine brotherly affection and it is safe to say that they consider each other their own best friend. Occasionally they are seen talking together like two old friends. Jet often fights with Spike over his excessive stubbornness, occasionally ending with Spike being banned from the Bebop, but never for long. Jet is in every way the only person whom, sometimes, Spike confides openly about his past." - Source: Bebopedia.

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