RizeGreymon by BaronFangerus



11 October 2019 at 08:19:26 MDT

Moving forward one more chapter of my digi-saga, it's with great pleasure that I post this drawing because this drawing is one of my greatest pride and joy to date! I spent two days working on the drawing of this character and it was quite frustrating at times to get the courage to draw it, but I did it with a little patience and perseverance!

If you're not very close to Digimon, meet RizeGreymon!

RizeGreymon is the ultimate form of GeoGreymon (GeoGreymon is a variation or even a subspecies of Greymon in the digiuniverse), it's a digimon that has over 50% of its metal-clad body and weaponry.
On his right arm is a cannon-gun, on his back are jet-propelled wings that allow him to fly and reach extraordinary speed peaks.

I'm a big fan of Greymons, and I love RizeGreymon so much! This more robust and modern look, and we can even say more powerful than the original MetalGreymon is beautiful!
This drawing is not perfect, but I invested a lot of love, time and patience to make it and I am very happy!

More info about RizeGreymon below:
"RizeGreymon is a Cyborg Digimon. It has mechanized more than half of its body, and despite its large build it flies to the sky to attack the enemy. The offensive power fired from the gigantic revolver on its left arm is said to rival that of a single nuclear warhead, and due to its tremendous power and recoil, it is normally impossible to rapid-fire. In addition, the gun barrel is made from Chrome Digizoid in order to withstand that power.
RizeGreymon is an orange cyborg Ceratosaurus with amber eyes, spikes on its right shoulder and jaw, and orange fur on its head. The tip of its tail is gray, and it has blue stripes on its legs, neck and mouth, and a revolver for a left arm. It wears a red chest plate, a metallic helmet with three horns on it, and also has red mechanic wings with three cannons on each." - Source: Digimon Wiki.

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