Dreams In Silence - Rontaro Bultor Magno by BaronFangerus

Dreams In Silence - Rontaro Bultor Magno


19 September 2019 at 12:13:10 MDT

To once again present my BIG BRO, Rontaro, I created one more pixel / sprite art from one of his characters, Rontaro Bultor.
From the first time I met Rontaro, I fell in love with him instantly! Rontaro has a great charismatic and cheerful aura, a mature and gentle manly face, an engaging personality and all without mentioning how beautiful and irresistible he is!
I always dream about him countless times!!!

Rontaro is the main character in the universe of Dreams In Silence, created by Rontaro.

Bro, I hope you can enjoy this gift that I made with all my love to you! Thank you so much for all these years of friendship, trust and affection you have given me! Whenever I can, I will always return your affection!

I made this pixel art on PISKEL. PISKEL is a free platform for creating and editing sprite / pixel art made for both professional and amateur artists. Direct link to PISKEL: https://www.piskelapp.com/

Rontaro Bultor Magno and bio description belongs to: Rontaro AKA dodark.
Art done by: Me.

Rontaro aka dodark FurAffinity's page: https://www.furaffinity.net/user/rontaro
Rontaro aka dodark DeviantArt's page: https://www.deviantart.com/dodark
Dreams In Silence - Rontaro Bultor Magno art reference: https://www.deviantart.com/dodark/art/Dreams-in-Silence-Rontaro-714191838

More info about Rontaro Bultor Magno below:
"A playful teaser and laid-back joker, Metaro’s smaller bro’ and rhythm guitarist of their band is a fanatic of animated series, art, and adventure (sometimes taking it against his will). Portrayer of the light of courage (Indigo), this Tauros Demon is an architecture graduate and bull racer living and helping his parents at their ranch Hacienda Dos Toros guiding the small cattle and racing with his pet bull Navaja.

He is afraid: afraid to talk to girls thinking that they will make fun of him or reject him because of his appearance and face scar; afraid to take difficult decisions and change his career, among other fears (needles, bungee jump, extreme sports, clowns, darkness, ghosts, Arigentian butchers, heights, flying, roller coasters, etc). Though constantly giving excuses to avoid danger, he uses humor to laugh about life, his friends, or himself, dreaming of finding a girl to love (specially a read-hair girl) and creating his own animation one day. Being unhappy with his career, the Bull Dude likes to chill watching cartoons, listening to rock bands, drawing, or exploring the city with Metaro and Alexander, or playing video games. All in all, he seems to be lost in his own life, indecisive and scared to find his way to his dream.

In order to avoid the cataclysm he and his friends foresaw in their dreams caused by a falling star, as well as having the opportunity to make their dreams come true as the mysterious voice told them, he sets on the quest to find the Dreams in Silence scattered around the world. Ron might learn that sometimes, everything that takes to go on...is just a bit of courage." - Source: rontaro aka dodark.


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    Delightful pixel art!

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    Thanks very much for the comment, dude, I had so much drawing him!!!