Fate/Zero - Iskandar by BaronFangerus

Fate/Zero - Iskandar


29 August 2019 at 08:38:58 MDT

This is a very bad little sketch I tried to make of the character Iskandar from the anime Fate/Zero. Iskandar is one of my favorite anime characters of all time! I don't love him, just because he is big, strong and very muscular (this is my male preference for bara-characters), but because he has a strong adventurous character, a great sense of justice and a transcendental willpower!
Alexander the Great, where he passed, conquered peoples not only on the basis of strength and military combat, but also showing mercy and tolerance towards other peoples who were willing to accept him as their ruler!
I just love this character! I tried to draw it as best I could, so hopefully you might like it!

More details about Iskandar below:
""Known by many names, Alexander, Iskandar, and Alexandros, he was the young prince of the small kingdom of Macedonia in the 4th Century BC, said to have been the son of Zeus in many stories despite absence of clear evidence. He was known as a "peerless pretty boy" who was noticed by many sages, such as Aristotle, as a prodigy. During this period of his life, he spent much of his time training as a soldier, studying philosophy and political sciences, and reading great legends. While he bloomed with many talents, he approved of every and all possibilities, able to be called the "personification of possibilities" itself. He possessed a close friend, an "amazing man" who truly began to show his talents after Alexander's death, who would often drag him around rambunctiously in a manner to his later encounter with Taiga Fujimura, expanding Alexander's horizons thanks to his actions. Though considered beautiful, his self-recognition in being the child of Zeus granted him strength, reducing his boyish looks over time. He later encountered the Gordian Knot, cleaving the rope with his sword and taking the divine bulls offered to Zeus by King Gordius as his own for use with his chariot..." - Source: Type-Moon Fandom

Here's the link: https://typemoon.fandom.com/wiki/Rider_(Fate/Zero)

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