Alexander AKA Wolfy by BaronFangerus

Alexander AKA Wolfy


20 July 2019 at 13:51:01 MDT

This is another gift I made with all my love and affection for my beloved bro, rontaro. I tried this time to make a small BARA-MUSCLE art of his character named Alexander AKA Wolfy, posing just with a speedo and flexing the muscles as a bodybuilder to the public proud of his massive manhood!

I'm still having huge difficulties in drawing muscles and also drawing muscular males in various types of pose, so to facilitate some drawings, I try to draw the characters that I want based on some photo or art that will be my reference to try to perform what I need.

I couldn't leave harmonic the muscular symmetry of the character, besides having enormous problems to be able to draw the head of the character in lateral angle. I didn't find a good reference image to draw the head at the angle I'd like, so draw it at the front angle because that's what I got to do at the moment.

Ron, I hope you'll forgive my failures and hope you enjoy this little gift that I give you!

Alexander AKA Wolfy and bio description belongs to:
Art done by me.
rontaro's Deviantart profile page:
Dreams In Silence Alexander AKA Wolfy:
I hope you can enjoy the drawing, comment or favorite, if you want.

Here some short lines about Alexander's personality from the profile of my bro.
"Prudent, humble, and slothful, this highly curious and super fluffy paranormal investigator is known for his easy-going and relaxed attitude. Simply left, he may be a lazy slacker, but not when it comes to explore other countries, buildings, or spooky places, pushing his friends to go with him with an excited attitude - especially once he discovers new places or goes to an airport. Alexander, or Wolfy as his friends call him, is the bassist of the band and bearer of the wisdom light (green) who acts as the voice of reason with a logical, inquisitive, and deductive posture and a very dark sense humor, loving to make fun of dark situations. Though highly intelligent and knowledgeable, Wolfy tends to be quite slothful, leaving the hard work to others and preferring to sleep rather than learning or working. The wolf dude may also tend to speak without caring his words properly when exposed to wiser people, just so they don’t think he is ignorant or foolish, as well as being little proactive, giving up easily when he doesn’t find an answer to a problem. Not to forget, he may drive people desperate with his many questions when he doesn’t understand something, product of his precise and intricate thinking, yet displaying his passion for learning...." - Source: Rontaro AKA dodark.