FREE TO USE: Tentacle hugs~ by Baronessa

FREE TO USE: Tentacle hugs~


18 January 2015 at 08:41:14 MST

A little something I made and then decided to let anyone use ;u;


You may:

  • Alter/edit is as much as you like
  • Use as icons etc
  • Color for friends/other people etc

You may not however:

  • Use it for profit
  • Use commersial use

Anyway xD now that boring part is over so please enjoy!


Submission Information

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    I adore this base, such a adorable expression, really sweet and tender, really fab anatomy an who does not like tentacles? I love it to bits, as im sure you saw on twitter, Corey coloured it for me and now its my icon on here (needed a change) I love your free to use lines and its so generous for you to do that for people, I hope one day to be able to afford a proper piece from you so I can see my fursona properly in your style :D

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      Thank you so very much! ;u; and yeah I agree who can resist them! x3
      Yeah :D It looks really lovely! I really hope to make more ;u; I owe it to all those who support me, without you guys I am nothing <3
      Yeah I hope to be able to open up for commissions in the future again x3

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        N'aww your so sweet! we support you because your sweet as a button with great work :D You dont need to give anything back at all, it is however fab that you do <3 and ooh, shall keep my eyes peeled :D

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    This is unbelievably adorable <3

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      Thank you so very much! <3