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Perler Badges Commissions by BarelyBreathableMutt

Perler Badges Commissions


11 April 2014 at 23:05:52 MDT

I am commissioning Perler bead badges to correspond ones character.
Price is set at $25.00 which includes shipping
but may range to $30.00 if I have to order certain specific colors.
I have a great deal of colors so my color range isnt too limited: we can discuss in notes final color plate and paw design.
I do have a Feline, Canine, Tree Toes creature and is in the process of a hooved animal print as well. Art concept of Feline and Canine badges can be found here.

I will also be offering a flag paw badge for $15-$20 (examples - I have both a Pansexual and a Transexual flag paw badges made - image will be posted soon)

If you are interested in either the Character or Flag perler badge, note me.

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    The icon was so small I almost didn't click it, but then thought that if someone that's usually very agreeable starts to pass it over then others might as well and wanted to let you know it could be a problem. (It's literally as big as a comma)

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      Thanks for the heads up! I think I got it fixed

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        yep, went to your main page and checked it. Looks like a duplicate of the other but it's big enough now to be easier to click ^,^