Malamar's Evil Plan Blows Up in Their Face by Balloogabu

Malamar's Evil Plan Blows Up in Their Face


6 April 2020 at 07:39:00 MDT

Our intrepid Hero armed himself with sunglasses and advanced tin foil shielding to protect himself from hypnosis and mind control. So the villainous Malamar had no choice but to get their hands dirty. Malamar wrapped their cruel tentacle around our small Hero and tried to squeeze the life out of him.

But in a sheer stroke of luck, our Hero took a mighty breath and blew up Malamar's plans for world domination!

And Malamar's last words before being thrown into the slammer?
"C-CURSE YOU Minish- - imean SLURPUFF!!!!"

Done for the Balloon-Dex

Hewlett did this one entirely on his cell phone with Medibang!
Had to keep it simpler and raise the stroke stabilization to max.

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