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Balina Mahigan waves to the camera by Balina

Balina Mahigan waves to the camera


Aw yeah, here we go. I've been looking forward to this for a long time, and had already been using WIPs with artists for weeks. This is the culmination of just about everything I could ever want from a character, and I am beyond overjoyed that AmberAria managed to bring this to life so perfectly and completely.


  • Being of mixed heritage, Balina Mahigan was one of the 10% that is born hybridized, rather than simply taking after one parent or another.
  • Thick, shaggy fur.
  • The paw of her left hand is a birth defect. ** Compensating for it, and subsequently overcompensating, is what led to her obsession with productivity, and eventually pursuing cybernetics.


  • Her vests need to be custom-tailored for her extra attachments, and are easily the finest clothes she owns. Most are sleeveless, but she does have more traditional clothing for more formal occasions.
  • The undershirts are bought in 3-packs and modified to fit her with a pair of scissors.
  • Prefers khakis or jeans.
  • Eschews shoes due to the unconventional shape of her hoof-paws.
  • The bracelets on her 'real' arms are an old gift given to her at a young age, as a method to help her cope with effectively missing a hand.
  • While she does own attachments to clamp onto the bracelets (mostly to help her pick things up with her paw-hand), she doesn't use them as much since getting the additional arms.
  • The bracelets on the robo-arms are sewn in place, and lack the buckles. They are replicas she had made for sentimental reasons; they make the arms feel more like her own.


  • While the arms shown here are her favorite sets, the sockets in her sides mean that Balina can easily swap in any limbs that comply with the ColdShoulder industry standard. She is known to swap out frequently whenever a new shipment comes in for the synthetics labs, and claims to have personally tested every arm on every single one of the robomoofs. ** For artists, this means there is no such thing as off-model arms. Just a different set.
  • There are a pair of ports underneath the slits on her vest. They were originally going to be a pair of data jacks in an early attempt at directly connecting herself to her workstation, but the technology was not up to par for her needs. They are usually left empty, but can be fitted with tentacles with graspers, cameras, or other sensors.

Edit: 8/26/2015: Removed the scribbles covering up her head jack now that it's been observed in the wild.
Edit: 6/12/2016: Updated to account for her new, weird feet.

Moof-wrangler: :AmberAria AmberAria (original)


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    Have to say, I really like all the details you put into her design!

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    I love the fact that she is a wolfcow.