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Balina watches where she's going by Balina

Balina watches where she's going


Even with regular milkings and acclimation to your new size, Ridiculactation will continue to impact your everyday life; as long as you continue to carry the condition, another incident can occur at any time. Be prepared; your center of gravity can shift dramatically with little to no warning; always leave ample room for pedestrians to avoid your extra-ample bosom.

Of course, if the pedestrians are less than twelve inches tall, they're pretty much on their own.

Sheela has a Patreon, much like the rest of the internet these days. One of the tiers at the time was 'your character will cameo in art of my choosing'. This one was done for both Layne and myself. I'd rather suggest hitting it up yourselves; Sheela's always great~

Art: Sheela Sheela (original)
Alas, poor: Layne Layne