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Charlotte and Ashley pick up steam by Balina

Charlotte and Ashley pick up steam


People can get used to anything. Enough time has passed for the seasons to change (insomuch as Placedale has seasons, anyways), but BTI's foremost expert in cross-reality connections has firmly nestled in somewhere between her old species and the Stephanie template. Her fur has reverted to its old patterns, and she got her tail back, but otherwise her features remain largely caprine, and her figure has moved its weight around just enough that she had to replace most of her wardrobe.

Charlotte herself doesn't seem particularly concerned. Nobody really knows how any of this stuff works, and she's not in any real discomfort or danger, so there's not much to do about it. Maybe it'll wear off some day, or maybe it's just who she is now. Either way, she's happy for the experience; not many people get to walk a mile in someone else's shoes (slash hooves), and even fewer are given the opportunity to keep them afterwards.

She will also point out that this sort of scenario would have left her in an anxious, existential spiral a year ago, though her feelings about realizing she's changed that much are a bit harder to explain in a brief little snippet.

The plan had been Ashley's idea from the start. She was well aware of Stephanie, and had proposed the entire loop of Dahlia going out on a date, then coming back and rubbing some of that goat mojo off on Charlotte for exactly the reasons we saw a few posts ago. It could be seen as a hilariously overcomplicated plot as opposed to simply having Charlotte go meet Stephanie personally, but it was still considerably easier than attempting to get her out of the lab to meet a strange woman without explaining in extreme detail and ruining the surprise.

We have fun here, but please, do not TF your friends without their consent. There are many ways in which this could have gone very badly, and while Dahlia at least made sure that Charlotte agreed before going through with it, it was an agreement made in a moment of perceived (if not actual) duress. Always establish boundaries, and keep them up to date in case situations, relationships, or tastes have changed. Ashley guessed correctly here, but it was, at its heart, a guess. Have fun, but play safe.

Art: Goattrain Goattrain (original)

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