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Stephanie spreads the love (3/7) by Balina

Stephanie spreads the love (3/7)


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Stephanie tends to rub off on people, especially when she's having a good time.

Dahlia obviously still has a whole lot of Stephanie in her right now.

Being near Dahlia is a transformational hazard.

It'll wear off, it always does, but Balina has plenty of reasons to be worried right now.

I haven't posted any art of Ashley post-Voth to this gallery, largely due to never finishing the story when it happens. We'll have to ignore that little time paradox for a bit, but for those who haven't seen her like this, Ashley Ramirez had a little run-in with :linkKraken:'s interdimensional beast beyond reality, Voth. It left some marks, and these days Ashley has some nice horns, some incredible appetites for a woman of her size, and a body temperature akin to the inside of a water heater.

Art: Goattrain Goattrain (original)