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Dahlia grows on you (1/2) by Balina

Dahlia grows on you (1/2)


"Hey, Balina. Did I ever tell you how my parents had to keep all the plant food locked up when I was a kid?"
'Oh, do not tell me you thought--'
"I absolutely did. Dahlia plants get huge if you take good care of them, and I was a very impressionable little dingbok."
'Wait, didn't you say you picked that name out in high school?'
"Shush, don't let semantics and time paradoxes get in the way of a perfectly good setup. Maybe my name used to be Ash or Forrest or Reed or whatever, you don't know that. Or just blame an infamous old cartoon about a canary. Whatever the reason, I was positive that's how it worked, and it took years before I was allowed anywhere near most of the gardening stuff."
'That's very cute, but it's a shame that it never really works like th-- what are you doing??'
"The fun part about being an adult is that you get to ignore perfectly good advice whenever you want! Bottoms up~"

A few moments later...

Art: sugaryviolet sugaryviolet (original)