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Miah is in a sour mood by Balina

Miah is in a sour mood


I've complained about my problems with clothing so many times that this feels rote and overdone, but it's hard for me to escape it. Even if I wasn't so tall, I'm covered in spikes, and even if I wasn't covered in spikes, I'm way lankier than a normal human. And on top of all of that, I need to be sure I can make allowances for my tail and wings. Even demon-friendly places can have trouble with me, and my clothing bills are through the dang roof. Anyone reading this is probably sick of me complaining, but this is about a costume, so you gotta put up with it again.

Anyways, being a demon with mortal friends means that any time demons show up in the cultural zeitgeist, you're going to get everyone forwarding you fanart, clips, the whole deal. It's exactly like how people will forward you every picture of a cute animal that matches your sona, and I try to keep a sense of humor about it. Anyways, there's this one puzzle game about a dude trying to make a harem full of demon girls, and like the third or fourth girl he picks up is grumpy demon named Malina. The joke was pretty good, and her outfit was pretty easy for me to put together once I found a shirt with wide enough shoulders. The only problem was that in order to explain the joke of the name, I would have had to explain my fursona to my co-workers, and even if I'm not mortal any more, that likely would have killed me.

I guess, for disclosure, demons aren't immune to these behaviors, either. The game made plenty of rounds in the office, and I'm not the only person who showed up in a Helltaker outfit at the annual Spookums party. I got confused a few times with the group that was doing a Cerberus costume together, and one of my supervisors came in with a white suit and the tiny sunglasses and oh my god I spent the whole party wanting to claw his eyes out.

Oh, and, to be clear, this is my natural hair color. I guess it's kind of obvious when I just say it, but it's titanium strands, so if I don't anodize it, it's just going to be a nice silver. It's pretty, don't get me wrong, but I'm far more used to the super-vibrant colors I can get with a fish tank, a car battery, and a few ceramic resistors.

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