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Balina gives a friendly beep by Balina

Balina gives a friendly beep


The best thing about having a high-resolution touchscreen display for a face is having complete control which face I show people from day to day and moment to moment.

Well, complete control most of the time.

The primary purpose of getting the robomoofs updated was because I wanted to use them more actively. The secondary purpose is that I've been going through some self-discovery and realizing a bit more about how I personally want to present myself to people, and how I think about myself, and I've been feeling like this is a good move for me. Which means I had very good reasons to get myself some icons made to update on social media and the like.

(Don't worry, I'm not throwing anyone out, I'm just changing my own presentation. Balina, Dahlia, Ashley, the other thirty or so Balinas, Charlotte, and some Balinas I forgot to mention are all still here; I'm just more comfortable behind this faceplate right now than any of theirs.)

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