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Balina is pumped to see you by Balina

Balina is pumped to see you


This is a repost; the previous version was removed some time ago, but has been tweaked for rerelease. Thank you for your understanding.

[Transcript of intercepted rebel transmissions; signal originating near sector GJE-492019]

"You didn't tell us there was a Counselor in the sector!"

'We had no reports of any in the area. Were you able to ID?'

"It's Dakós! You idiots sent us right into a trap!"

'Intel says Counselor Dakós is currently in South America. What is she doing in the northern hemisphere?'

"Hell if I know! Does your intel say anything about her hulking out?"

'Um. What? Squad leader, please report your mission status.'

"Mission is a bust. We got into the factory, but as soon as we got to the basement, the lights went on. Dakós was there, with enough drones to line the walls. We got out, but they grabbed half our squad."

'That's better than most teams that run into her. Proceed to evac, as per contingency.'

"That's going to be a problem, control. As we were speeding away, this [i]thing[/i] lands on the hood of the car. Hard. Goes right through, smashes the engine block. Turns around, and it's the fucking Counselor, grinning like she won the lottery. I don't know how she got so big all of a sudden, but she punches through the windshield, grabs our driver, and we go careening off into a streetlight."

'What is your present status?'

"What do you think? We scrambled out, and holed up in a nearby building. We need another ride if we're going to get out of here."

'Are you certain it was still Counselor Dakós?'

"A-affirmative, control. You don't make a mistake with that face. She won't let you."

'Where is she right now? Was she in the crash?'

"Yeah, but it doesn't seem to have slowed her down much. She's examining the wreck for bodies. She's... picking it up and looking underneath it. Now she's looking up at-- she's spotted us."

'Get out of there. We'll prepare emergency transport, but we are not sending anyone until you've lost her.'

"[unintelligible shouting] [loud crash followed by gunfire]"

'What the hell was that?'

"[sounds of combat]"

'Squad V17, respond.'



"[voiceprint match: Civil Control Counselor Balina Dakós #BD-0449-M] I am afraid Mister... I'm having trouble reading the dog tag. Charles? That's appropriate. I'm afraid Charles is no longer in a state to respond. Thank you for the diversion, control. We will be extremely happy to entertain any other guests you may wish to send our way."

arcane might have been the first artist that made me want to get an FA account. This was (and probably still is) the best place to find their work, and I was overjoyed when I found they had come back recently. Getting the chance to commission them was a fantastic opportunity, even if I didn't actually have anything in mind. Still, they've drawn just about everything I like, so I asked what sort of thing they were in the mood to draw.

Their response was, 'contrast between very hard muscle and very soft tits (cough) let's toss RCGs in too for good measure.' I cannot possibly stand against fate, so I asked them go nuts.

They did. :3

Art: arcane arcane (original)