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Dahlia gets added to the mix by Balina

Dahlia gets added to the mix


I can never leave anything well enough alone. While I was enjoying the dhole that Goattrain had whipped up for me the day before, she wasn't quite "mine" yet, and needed a little extra oomph. Adding traits from some kind of deer was suggested, and the next morning gazelles were brought up both to provide dainty feet and because let's be honest, I'm incapable of ever making another character who lacks horns.

I put out a call on twitter, and two people responded immediately. :linkCiraeon: has a track record of making excellent hybrids, and is directly responsible for the hoofpaws that the head moof (and others created later) use. Their enthusiasm made this an even easier choice, and in what felt like no time at all a hybridized face was assembled. Dhole for the shape of the head and the sheer level of fluff, springbok horns and facial markings. Ears mixed between the two. Keep the hair that Goattrain did, it works too well for her. I don't know if this is just years of playing with moof traits or not, but this felt like everything just slotted itself into place.

Art: Ciraeon Ciraeon (original)

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