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Dahlia comes from humble beginnings by Balina

Dahlia comes from humble beginnings


This is the original concept for Dahlia. In the story that BossleBlanc wrote, she was simply described as a tall, slender dhole lady with a "rather profound chest" and some extra robotic arms. She only had one set of them in during that scene, but said she had a second set that were in the shop at the time.

Seemingly out of nowhere, I started daydreaming about the character, and realized fairly quickly that I was growing attached. Well, okay, don't tell anyone, but at the time I still thought a dhole was, like, some kind of lizard. I am pretty sure I was mixing up dholes and anoles. So after I got that sorted out and adjusted my daydreams accordingly, I sought permission to expand and add her to my cast of characters, then pinged goattrain for their expertise in rapidly prototyping character designs. In virtually no time at all, the goat had completed a couple of pages of ideas, and by the time the night was out this was done.

This stage was still very close to what Dev had described, and while she would later evolve considerably (and Dev would go back to amend the story to match her finalized design), you can still pretty clearly see that much of this original concept persisted through to the end.

Art: goattrain goattrain (original)
Bonus: Twitter post with extra concept art

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