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Dahlia Verrick does this her way by Balina

Dahlia Verrick does this her way


A recent addition to the BTI faculty, Dahlia Verrick is a former senior researcher and engineer at Ignis Dextremeties, the company that manufactures most of the robotic equipment seen throughout the grounds. she has become enamoured with BTI's use of technology she has helped to develop. Few organizations utilize more than a few Ignis robots at a time, and even fewer use them in so many varied, public-facing ways.

It's not entirely clear if Dahlia was successfully poached away from Ignis, or if she simply showed up one day and decided she worked there. Due to a clerical error made during the hiring procedures, her official title is "whatever she asks for", pending proper correction or review. Regardless, BTI is extremely grateful for her expertise, as the hundreds of robots can only maintain themselves to a certain degree.

Introducing Dahlia! She was originally a side character in a story BossleBlanc wrote for me, she's escaped containment and is now terrorizing innocent moofs on the BTI campus. We're going to start Moofember off by exploring her development from the last couple of months, and soon we'll get to let her loose in the ever-expanding world of Balinology.

Moof-Wrangler / Dingbok Detailer: AmberAria AmberAria (original)

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