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Balina and Dahlia become what they must by Balina

Balina and Dahlia become what they must


Balina, backed up with the equipment that BTI operates, is capable of leveraging a surprising amount of fabrication on short notice. However, she has little experience with breaking abstract ideas into manufacturing steps.
Dahlia, for her part, is a brilliant engineer, and while she's much more used to designing servos and sensors than gauntlets and greaves, she has the right mindset for taking beauty apart and putting it back together. More importantly, she knows where to turn for help when she needs it.
Both of them also know some wonderful tailors; a necessity when you're built like they are.

Between the two of them, they can get more done than they ever might have dreamed of on their own.

...Oh dear, you folks haven't met Dahlia yet, have you? Well, watch this space. Moofember is coming, and it looks like Dahlia gets to headline it this year.

Moof-Wrangler / Dingbok Detailer: AmberAria AmberAria