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Balina finds her schedule unexpectedly full by Balina

Balina finds her schedule unexpectedly full


Not everything can be handled via telepresence. Unfortunately, businesses and organizations outside of BTI do occasionally require someone to be physically present during meetings, meaning a campus representative familiar with its administration does become needed. As Ms Mahigan does nearly all paperwork for the campus single-handedly, this means that when the issue arises, it almost always means she needs to pry herself out of her office and make the trip herself.

The development of the AR-Mirage system at least allows her to keep up with basic tasks on the go, provided she has enough room to wave her arms, though it is still nothing when compared to what she can do in the privacy of her own office. The situation is inconvenient enough on its own, but when a meeting starts to run long it may cause other pressing matters to test the limits of her patience and her tailoring.

Art: Anthony Anthony (original)