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Balina cannot enjoy her sandwich by Balina

Balina cannot enjoy her sandwich


Instincts in a mixed anthro world can get very strange, and instincts in a mixed-species individual even moreso. Having the nagging feeling that someone looks delicious is weird enough, but when that someone is yourself, it's difficult to know how to react. Predator-prey hybrids often report their carnivore tendencies being stronger and more urgent than herbivore ones, and Balina Mahigan's teeth and appetites are both canine to a fault.

This would be a lot more tolerable were it not for the bunch of wiseacres in the campus cafeterias, who think that being half-cow means there's something amusing about their boss eating a danged cheeseburger. It's no wonder that she ends up eating out so often.

Art: Padunk Padunk (original)


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    Knowing you, there's a nonzero chance that the source of that cheeseburger was an alternate-universe you. Unlikely, but possible!