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Balina suits up by Balina

Balina suits up


Ever since receiving a new suit as part of a deal with Ignis regarding Mirage, Ms Mahigan has taken the subtle hint that maybe the face of her school should start dressing the part. Going through a few variations and experiments of her own, she's finally taken the ensemble to Meryl DuLait, who has a long history of helping moofs look their best. Meryl has added her own flair to the template, creating something that feels as crisp and cutting-edge as everything else the head moof likes to associate herself with.

I've got a significant backlog of other pictures, including other pictures of the head moof that I need to get posted, but given the circumstances I'll need to be forgiven for wanting to get this online immediately. This is likely to overtake the vest-and-khaki look currently on the ref sheet, which itself might get updated somewhere down the line.

Moof-wrangler: AmberAria AmberAria (original)