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Balina is seeing things by Balina

Balina is seeing things


After a few months to work out technical delays and scheduling issues, Ignis is finally ready to unveil the AR Mirage system, their first foray out of robotics and into devices meant for end-users, or at least users who don't have factory-grade jacks in their torso. At present, it's aimed primarily at executives, offering a compact way to carry an entire desk in your pocket, virtualizing the workspace and offering an easy way to keep on top of all your busy business, without having to stare at a tiny phone screen or haul around an awkward tablet. With her known affinity for multitasking, and of course her invaluable help troubleshooting-slash-stress-testing its user experience, Balina Mahigan was a no-brainer for the early promotional pictures. She feels that the physical glasses are less interesting than the way she uses the system, though begrudgingly has to admit that it's probably a good idea to have the product appear somewhere in its own advertisements.

Please do not operate Mirage when driving or operating heavy machinery. Mind your surroundings at all times. Holograms provided for illustration only. Glasses and interface do not actually project outside of their surface.

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