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Balina is suited to the task by Balina

Balina is suited to the task


Yeah, just about to leave the tailor. You were right, Alex, the whole thing looks incredible. Is this two-coat thing seriously the style right now, or was that a personal touch? Oh man. Do these guys work on commission? Do I need to ask for them by name again? On second thought, Meryl is gonna kill me if she finds out I'm seeing someone behind her back; maybe I should hold back for now.

AR rig's working alright. Call quality okay? I've got a little of that weird echo, but I think that's the interface. Anyone using glasses and a mic probably won't notice. Running it through the back ports to my phone was a pretty good idea, but it looks like I'm wearing a really dumb wallet chain. Remind me to get some shorter cables wired up later. Yeah, whatever. I thought the whole point was my phone stayed in my pocket? Yeah, because watches weren't silly enough. Now people get to watch me paw at the air like a mime. Well, of course I'm out running errands. Why else would I be testing it? What good is a mobile office if I'm sitting at my desk? Oh, don't give me that 'safety regulation' crap. They're transparent, I can see right through them.

The command delay's a little grating; do you really need all these fancy transitions? No, I'd really prefer to leave my hair plug in. Yes, even if you hide the connection in the middle, it's gonna be kinda obvious that I've got a two-inch cable coming out of the back of my head; I'll live with the lag. We'll find out if it's bandwidth or CPU use when I get back.

I don't know how you guys never noticed, but it does get kinda obvious once I get up past around sixteen screens or-- well, yes? Of course I'm going to keep spawning them. Have you seen my office? You're just lucky a VNC to the labs over anything short of the main jack gives me a headache. Oh, hush. You wanted me to stress-test it.

Oh, hell no. Remember all that whining I did about mechanical keyboards back when I was learning set two? Yeah, because I needed to hear the clicking and get used to the-- right. Have you even tried to type on these things? ...What? How do you type with boxy gloves on? Oh. Seriously? That small? You guys are getting good at this. Why didn't you send me one of those? A right glove, you dork.

That's actually a cute idea; don't suppose you could make that work on older models, could you? Nah, right, that makes sense. I'll keep it in mind, but that sounds like a really crazy way to sell the new feedback suite. Anything I can't run on the IDX-9600 is going to be a hard sell. Oh shut up, like you don't. That's different! Mine still work, for starters.

Art: Doctor (original)


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    The only thing missing is a piece of toast between your lips. Or a toaster. I'm sure you could make it work. |3

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      takes notes for future uses of those back plugs