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Balina takes a break from being herself by Balina

Balina takes a break from being herself


How does Balina Dakós relax?
How does Balina Pervola relax?
How does Balina Mejeri relax?
How does Balina Amarini relax?
How does Balina Mahigan relax?

Despite her penchant for cross-dimensional shenanigans on the weekend, Balina Mahigan doesn't really consider them vacations. They're fun and all, but they're definitely not places she should go to relax. That's what the work week is for. Reports need to be filed, data taken from the labs needs to be sorted, searched for noteworthy content, and filed appropriately. The hundreds of synthetics need oversight and guidance. Nearly every aspect of operations on the BTI campus go through her, at one point or another. The ocean of data the campus generates needs to be sailed, and few people have the skills and the inclination to do so quite like the head moof.

Still, some days you have to go the extra mile. Clear off the schedule, dig out a couple dozen fancy candles, tell Ashley to hold all calls, and let a couple guilty pleasures accumulate. She'd gotten pretty good at this; the synthetics kept in her office for just such an occasion can keep her so impossibly comfortable and relaxed that she sometimes forgets she even had a body at all, her mind floating on a cloud, free to focus entirely on her work.

Today was definitely one of those days.

Moof-wrangler: AmberAria AmberAria (original)


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    Wow. The work on this one is just... cool. The lighting and tone works incredibly well, here.

    Then there's huge moof boobs and obviously A+ choice there, too. ;3

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    Were head moofs always this chesty? X3

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      Only sometimes. :D