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Balina protects the hope of the Earth by Balina

Balina protects the hope of the Earth


While even an idle Credulic Reactor can produce dramatic results, its true power becomes evident when put into overdrive. Supplied with a substance known as plotonite, Balina Amarini's body will greatly enlarge in size, strength, and durability, to levels impossible to achieve using conventional means. Enhanced in this way, she is the only person on the planet capable of fighting the monsters that threaten our world, and she enjoys her work more than anyone else could.

At this time, there is no known limit for how far the reactor can push her body; the more it is given, the larger she becomes, and the faster she burns through her stored fuel. The only true limiting factor lies in scarcity, as plotonite cannot be manufactured with current technology. All supplies of the substance have either been reclaimed from the bodies of previous monsters, or occasionally found in the capsules that brought them to our world. After combat, Ms Amarini vents her own reactor's supply, both to conserve fuel for when it is needed, and to allow her to fit indoors between missions.

Art: Skee Skee (original)

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