Balina makes an acquisition (3/6) by Balina

Balina makes an acquisition (3/6)


15 November 2015 at 14:11:37 MST

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Ms Mejeri's Diary:

June 16th, 23' 8"
We had the photoshoot today, making promo material for the sherbet line. Marketing wanted me to have a light breakfast and to skip my morning milking, making sure I'd be extra swollen and squishy for the camera. I don't know if I could do that a second time; there was too much of me in the way to see the chair or the model, and I’m certain I felt some ominous cracks followed by panicked squirming midway through the shoot. He’s okay, thank goodness, though he was awful happy to hear when we’d gotten everything we needed.

Temperature’s definitely still dropping. The model spent most of the shoot shivering, but it wasn’t until they spoke up that we realized it was because they were freezing in there, not just because they were getting really into character. We had to take a break every twenty minutes or so to let him warm back up. We’re still in the middle of a heat wave, so while he did that, everyone else at the shoot would crowd around me to cool off. Nice to feel needed, I guess.

At least I have Grapplecraze to look forward to tomorrow night. A representative from the RRR said he’d be by in the afternoon to make sure everything is ready, and they have given me every assurance that the area I’ll be seated at is right on the foundation, and should be able to handle someone an order of magnitude heavier without a problem. They also mentioned something about my script, but I’m pretty sure that’s not going to be important.

I think I’d better drain myself as completely as I can before I head over there tomorrow. On the whole, being able to see over myself is probably more important than showing off on camera.


By the time June rolled around, Ms Mejeri could no longer really maintain her usual routine. She broke twenty feet in the first week, and was already too heavy to safely rest on anything but the ground floor. She primarily worked via telecommute and by dictation from her own improved housing, having also outgrown any form of keyboard or touch interface available to her. The photoshoot in which the above promotional image was taken was roughly midway through the month, and we believe it to be the turning point in her self-image and when she started to be thought of as macro.

The dairy was already working on expanding into frozen treats, and the “Mejeri Tropical Ice” line had been planned out at the start of the year. Having a CEO who was expressing ice-cold milk just weeks before the product roll-out was a windfall that the marketing department simply could not pass up, and they put significant pressure on Ms Mejeri to capitalize on her new image.

If she had been a bit more socialized at the time, she might not have been quite so eager to agree to appear. Having spent the last two weeks in semi-isolation, she had not dealt with anyone outside of her physician and a half-dozen members of her support staff face-to-face recently, and was more than a little eager to be out in public again. Ms Mejeri thrives in group situations, and unlike some moofs, she is clearly not the kind of woman who can barricade herself in her office for days or weeks at a time.

Once actually on the scene, Ms Mejeri did carry herself with remarkable restraint given the recent changes to her anatomy. Despite, or perhaps due to her constant growth, she shows an incredible gentleness with her surroundings, especially other people. The biggest obstacle encountered in the shoot was getting the moof to stop flinching every time the chair creaked, and to trust that the model was still able to breathe. Earlier attempts for the shoot involved putting the model directly into her cleavage, but she wasn’t willing to squeeze hard enough to keep him in place for fear of hurting him. Naturally, I did my best to make sure to take as many print-resolution captures of the whole thing as I could; they wouldn’t all fit in the dropbox, so I’ll leave a thumb drive on my desk. Pick it up and thank me later.

This is one of those pictures that taught me an important life lesson: butts are a fantastic place to hide extra beef. Early drafts of this picture had her with an absolutely enormous, jiggly butt. This didn't really feel right to me, and when figuring out how I wanted it edited, it eventually slimmed down into a musclebutt, with the thighs getting reshaped accordingly. I bet she could make diamonds between those legs, at this point.

Art: Rabid_Cowolf Rabid_Cowolf (original) (Patreon!)


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