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XIII - Death, by Wild-Fang by Balasch

XIII - Death, by Wild-Fang


2 March 2020 at 15:40:01 MST

Careful, human, coming is a stranger.
Hooded, swinging a broad scythe of danger!

I have no name,
and I have no time.
Brings out my game,
a new paradigm.
I am the veil
in the cold night,
I’m of a pale
ill bright..

Impaling new orders,
pushing beyond the borders.
Transforming and turning
the end into a new reborn.

I am death!
Prank of god, paradox,
rage and doom walk with you.
Made of dust, crazy dance,
end of childhood.
Life reverse, grave nonsense,
hungry grave with a great
harvest of madness.

I am death!
I’m no name!


Bueno, una vez más, os dejo un dibujo de mi bro Miss Sexyness. Ofrecía este tipo de comisiones durante Furrnion III, convirtiendo tu fursona en un arcano del Tarot (además de la imagen, imprimirá la carta), y no pude resistirme a pedir algo. Así que aquí tenéis el resultado: el Arcano nº XIII, La Muerte (La Mort).

¡Mil gracias, bro, eres la leche!


Wild-Fang ©


Balasch ©

Canción: "Death", por la banda española de Symphonic Power Metal conocida como Dark Moor, álbum "Tarot" (2007).


Well, once again, here you have a pic by my bro Miss Sexyness. He offered this kind of commissions during Furrnion III, turning your fursona into an arcane of the Tarot (in addition to the image, he will print the card), and I couldn't resist asking for one. So here you have the result: the Arcane nº XIII, The Death (La Mort).

Thank you bro, you are great!


Wild-Fang ©


Balasch ©

Song: "Death", by the Spanish Symphonic Power Metal band called Dark Moor, album "Tarot" (2007).