In The Cave of Pearls by Balaa

In The Cave of Pearls


20 January 2013 at 18:45:52 MST

Circa 2006


status: SOLD

An otter girl, a quick sketch on 9x12 bristol for the Anthrocon 2006 art show.

I actually had fun doing this one, it wasn't meant to be perfect or flawless but just fun and a little break from building stress..and it certainly achieved that. Yes I am putting a lot of my pencil work in my scraps..not because I view them as scraps but because sometimes the work I secretly love I like to hide away where less scrutinizing eyes are likely to see. I am not perfect and sometimes all the criticism I get on some pieces actually gets me quite down..seems silly but sometimes I still feel quite small in the big ocean of deviant.. Plus I actually value the comments and faves I receive on my scraps more than on my deviations..its actually took the time to look at all the art I do..and I am humbled and honored by that. Thank you to you all!

tools: mechanical pencil on bristol

time:? 3 hours maybe?


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    I really love the concept behind this :3

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    Wow. This is really cool. I love the design, and the contrast is great.