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Grace of Undomiel by Balaa

Grace of Undomiel


**The Grace of Undómiel **

Howard Shore

* ~~~ *

Ngîl cennin eriel vi

Menel aduial,

Glingant sui mîr

Síliel mae.

Ngîl cennin firiel vi

Menel aduial,

Dúr, dúr i fuin

Naenol mae.

An i ú nathant

An i naun ului

A chuil, anann cuiannen

A meleth, perónen

I saw a star rise high in the

Evening sky,

It hung like a jewel,

Softly shining.

I saw a star fade in the

Evening sky,

The dark was too deep and so light died,

Softly pining.

For what might have been,

For what never was.

For a life, long lived

For a love half given

* ~~~ *

In actuality this is an older piece that of late caught up with me and the urge to finish it could not be quelled. There was always a persistence of melancholy about this image, but it never felt guided or 'right' until now. I had a daydream and saw his eyes and knew I had to revisit him and let him know life, if even in the single moment captured in this image...though pale, hope yet lingers.


tools: photoshop cs5, wacom intuos 3

** size:** 9000x5333 at 300 dpi

prints: small and large format will be available


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    Absolutely gorgeous!

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    So adorable, and yet so sad. I love the background in this.

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    It's Sindarin? ^^ Love the picture, but eyes so sad and lonely, want to hug and take a care!