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Feel Album Cover by Balaa

Feel Album Cover


Circa 2011

"For the ever patient, ever lovely, ever sweet, ever talented Fox Amoore for his newest album Feel which is, as of today, open for Pre-orders. I was humbled and honored when he wished to have me do the work for his newest album and I truly hope he likes it. I will be uploading the art sans design at a later time [: but for now I hope you folks enjoy this and take a moment to visit his page and listen to the passionate soulful music which he so selflessly gifts to the world. As an artist, music is beyond being an invaluable tool for creation, it is the very soul of art at times, that elusive key that unlocks the imagination into a place beyond the inhibitions of every day life. Where you do not inject the tethers of life but supersede them into a realm that exists exclusive of them. It is, in a word, freedom. How valuable music is in altering our state so we may see beyond ourselves into this world. To me, it often seems, they are two halves of one whole and yet so often it is graphical art that steals away the limelight from musicians, especially on art gallery sites such as FA which naturally were meant more to cater to the visual arts. Yet I am happy to see that music has made it's niche here and that it's place and notice is growing among the visual arts. Thank you Fox Amoore for continuing to share yourself, we should feel fortunate for the gift you give.

If you would like to secure your own copy of one of these beautiful albums please visit Fox Amoore's preview page for a sneak peak of the album at:

or Pre-order directly at:

Thank you for stopping by and having a gander [:."

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    I loved it and I still love it <3

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    I love the lighting id this and the glow it creates around the fox. Nice mix of colors overall :3